Trying Something New, Embroidery!

August 10, 2021

I’ve completed quite a few stitch projects knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other crafts in the past, but have yet had a chance to try out embroidery. A few weeks ago I went to a local maker fair to see if there was anything that may pique my interest, and found an embroidery kit from a local artist featuring some waves in the sunset and under the moon to try out. The additional perk of this maker fair was around 5-10% of the purchase price went to local charities; stitch for good right?

For 99.9% of the time I was stitching these two little hoops, I was parked in front of the TV watching any and all Olympics recaps I could fit in one day. It was partially background sound but also seeing incredible competition and new sports debut (surfing, climbing, and skateboarding to name a few). I know not many were thrilled the games were still going this year even postponed one year, for the ones that could attend, I loved to see the excitement the athletes got for winning medals, or even being present at the games is a huge feat.

On with the pictures!

in progress moon and waves hoop. at this point, I've already stem stitched the lines between the waves and satin stitched the moon an stars and working on a split stitch for the waves.

Detailed view of moon embroidery

in progress sun and waves hoop; satin done in the sun, stem stitch between the waves and the waves are split stitch. time for my new nemesis, french knots.

Detailed view of moon embroidery

Cross stitching and embroidery will most likely be my new summer stitch hobby for when it’s too hot to knit and break it up a little bit. The finishing touches were quite quick and easy and I knew exactly where to put them; in my work-from-home office area (hence the border of corkboard there…). The center is a cross stitch I finished this spring of my favorite flower, peonies.

I'm looking for some more landscape-y style kits to fill out this space some more :)

Hung up pieces of embroidery, sun, peonies, and moon

closer up detail of the sun and waves

Detailed view of sun embroidery

closer up detail of the moon and waves

Detailed view of moon embroidery

They’re not perfect, and that’s the point :)

Till next time!

— H

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