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May 17, 2022

Hi, hello!

Craft AND Code, huh?

tl;dr Front end web developer sharing their journey through ongoing learning, crafty projects, and whatever else!

The code part

Currently, I am ongoing learning and working on web development projects for practice for a fulltime fullstack role. My first language was diving into JavaScript, some front end, and now adding in some Python.

This blog initially was covering the course CS50 - Intro to Computer Science, but fell off that wagon last summer. They have a completely new course for Python specifically. Code updates here will be reflecting on the problem sets and what I have learned so far.

But why

My current career goal and adjustment is to be hired as a web developer/software engineer (the titles are sometimes vague so I used both), where I’ve gone through a few free learning platforms (freeCodeCamp, Codecademy, The Odin Project, etc), I have had my eye on the CS50 group of courses for quite some time now.

The crafty part

When I’m not coding, I like to create and crafting other things! To keep my fidgety hands still, I like to knit, sew, and cross stitch. These updates will probably be a bit more spare but, but I want to share coders can have creative hobbies too :)

Feel free to reach out on twitter, or from another one of my socials from my website to chat obout either.

— H

Written by Haley Elder, a web developer living in the Pacific Northwest, looking for their first developer role while working through CS50P (Intro to Programming with Python); more about this blog >>

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