CS50P Weeks 0 - 2

May 21, 2022

Github tracking repo — here

I might’ve fallen into shiny object syndrome once more, but I’m feeling a bit more confident in this one! I had attempted CS50 last summer and fall but eventually dropped it; I thought I was understanding enough but didn’t seem quite relevant at the time and my confidence fell flat. Winter had a bit of downtime and worked on a separate project (watchlist data analysis) to freshen up some React skills.

Fast forward to this year, specifically April 1st, CS50P (Intro to programming with python) was released and I started it about a month after it was released. I was surprised how much of the basics I could recall from last fall. I finished the first three weeks of course work in a week and a half!

These first weeks covered user input and handling different use cases utilizing functions, variables, and conditions to test your skills with a few problem sets per week to work through. I’ve been keeping track of my code submitted at the Github repo above; it’s also a good tactic to keep track of what was completed when since my imposter syndrome gets pretty high pretty quick. Also, time is still funky and weird nowadays and this is an easier way to internalize it. There were a few days I was feeling out of it and felt I was falling “behind,” but that was because I was sick and took the time to recover.

My goal is to complete the course around mid to late June and continue on to CS50web, but now that the Final Project link has been released, we’ll see if the deadline might need to be pushed. I have no idea what to do quite yet and will need to brainstorm some ideas.

My plan after this is possibly running through the freeCodeCamp Python certificate or jump right into CS50web that expands on more Python, Django, databases and more.

Have a good weekend, all!

— H

Written by Haley Elder, a web developer living in the Pacific Northwest, looking for their first developer role while working through CS50P (Intro to Programming with Python); more about this blog >>

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